Community Concerns


Trees, walking trails, scenic areas, demonstration garden, and natural floral and fauna make our community unique. Over the years, as we talk with homeowners,  maintaining these Open Spaces are of primary importance.  Invariably, Encroachment in our backyard areas comes up.  There has been talk of selling it to homeowners.  We welcome all ideas, but dealing with common area and open space becomes quickly complicated, impacting everyone in different ways. What are the true costs and benefits to the Association of selling Open Space?  How do we measure the true impact to everyone?


Are you for or against the Legacy Club Proposal? Do you need more information? We respect all points of view. Yes, it would be nice to have a beautiful building and the benefits offered, but I, Jim, personally have a very difficult time getting past two points; 1) the fact that once community recreational land is gone, it’s gone, and 2) concern over the precedent this may set, does this open up our community’s precious land for further re-development? Learn the facts and make an informed decision. If we are fortunate enough to be re-elected, the fiduciary responsibility to the community takes front-and-center. Russ and Jim will do our very best to support all of the community’s points of view. What are your thoughts?


Most of The Village homes are well over 20 years old. That means that nearly everyone has at some point worked with our Management Company and Architectural Committee so they could give a little TLC to their home.  Do you have a good or frustrated experience that you could share with everyone?



In recent years, our community has held Earthday in the Spring, a Fall Food, Chili Cookoff and Music get-together for adults and kids, and sponsored the 4th of July Coto Community Parade.   We have opened up the Fall Festival to the surrounding Coto Community, and the 4th of July Parade championed by Coto Moms markets the event to all of Coto as well.

We feel these events raise Village awareness in a positive way and enhance the value of our Community.

What are your thoughts?


Monthly dues keep rising.  Here is a general estimate on how they are spent.  We would be interested in feedback from folks examining those areas that could have measurable budgetary impact. What areas do you think we should look more closely into?


It’s a term freely used. What does it mean to you? This is a comments section free-for-all for anything community-related that you would like to post.